Product Name

Wide View Stand Magnifier 1.8x

No. 1795


Name Wide View Stand Magnifier 1.8x
item number 1795
Lens Size 145x110mm
Magnification 1.8 times
Weight Approximately 1880g (Body), Approx 2000g (input box)
Product Size Vertical Horizontal 205x 160x 41mm height
Box Size Vertical Horizontal 173x 215x 53mm height
Material Acrylic iron abs ・
Lens Plastic Lens (acrylic)
Sub-Lens 1 Magnification 4.0 times the diameter 30mm ・
Lens 2 Sub Magnification 7.0 times the diameter of 25mm ・
Operating distance - 1.8 times: 380mm
- Four times: Approx 68mm
- Times 7: 35mm
Remarks Product size is the size of a box of state.

※ Design and specifications for the improvement may be changed without notice.