Ikeda-Lens Corporation TOP High-Power Loupe gallery scope Gallery Scope with light stand 12X

Product Name

Gallery Scope with light stand 12X

Gallery Scope with light stand 12X

No. KM-412LS


Name 12-fold Gyallery scope with light stand
item number KM-412LS
Magnification Infinity / close 4 times / 5.5 times
Objective lens effective diameter 12mm
Real field of view 12.5 degrees
Pupil diameter 3mm
Brightness Nine
Within sight of the first 100m 22m
Maximum short-range focus position 20cm
Effective field of view 18mm
Size Scope / 31 × 58mm
Stand / 75 × 61 × 86mm
Overall size (including the stand part.) Height / 143mm
Width (max) / 62mm
Weight 121g
Magnification when connected micro stand 12 times

※ Design and specifications for the improvement may be changed without notice.