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Compact Zoom Binoculars 08-25X

Compact Zoom Binoculars 08-25X

No. ZM25251


This product is already discontinued.

Name -25 8x zoom binoculars
item number 8-25x25
Objective 25mm
Exit pupil diameter 3.1 ~ 1.0mm
Magnification 25x 8.0-fold
Weight 310g (Body)
Brightness 9.61 to 1.0
Real field of view 4.0 ° ~ 2.2 °
Where visibility 1000m 70 ~ 39m
Short distance 3m
Product Size 120x120x60mm
Body Material Rubber-covered plastic part
Lens coatings Mazentakotingu
Diopter adjustment + You can adjust the focus adjustment of the entire vision of the difference between left and right for the right eye focus adjustment.
Other Soft Case with Strap

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